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ibAcus provides you with an easy-to-use, reliable, and fast method of counting your inventory.  It does not replace your existing Point of Sale (POS) or Inventory Management System (IMS) but is designed to integrate with it to make the actual counting process headache-free.

Our software runs on a variety of commercial and industrial handheld devices.  Each person counting your inventory uses one of these devices as they walk through your warehouse or store.  The data is entered quickly and easily, and can be transmitted wirelessly (or by cradling if desired) to the server at any time.  The learning curve for using the handheld devices is very short, often as little as 20 minutes.  Say goodbye to clipboards.

The counting results are stored conveniently on the server computer (a simple laptop or desktop PC) and can be viewed at anytime, even while people are counting.  A variety of reports can be generated from the count data, and we can always add additional reports as your needs require.  The reports can then be used to update and/or verify your POS/IMS data.

Most POS or IMS allow your data to be exported.  In such cases, ibAcus allows you to import that data to be used in generating reports.  Typically, any data you can export from your system can imported to ibAcus.  Some commonly imported items are: description, cost, quantity, location, and deposit, but as indicated, there are really no restrictions.

Since every situation is different, we provide customization, integration, and consulting services as well.  And if you are frustrated with taking inventory in general, we offer inventory training and blend-in services.  We can train you on how to do your inventory more effectively as well as assist you in actually doing it until you are comfortable on your own.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how ibAcus can make your inventory counting life easier.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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