Inventory Companies

ibAcus provides inventory service companies with a robust and hardware-independent counting solution.  Please check out the How It Works  page to get a better sense of the features offered.

We currently support devices from Symbol, Intermec, and HP, and are in the process of adding support for the Datalogic product line.  Since the underlying operating system (OS) for these devices is Windows-based, support for new hardware typically boils down to adjusting screen layout and resolving any scanning engine issues.  With ibAcus, devices from a variety of different manufacturers can be used on the same count at the same time.

If you have specific hardware needs or are interested in exploring some hardware alternatives, please contact us.  We may be willing to support other hardware platforms, and will consider pilot projects for cases where the outcome may be uncertain.  We are always open to consider non-Windows based devices as well, since the underlying design of ibAcus is not dependent on any specific device OS.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how ibAcus could make your inventory counting life easier.  Please do not hesitate to contact us .

Inventory Companies
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