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Welcome to the iCountability Corp. Software Downloads page, where you can download current releases.  If you are interested in trying the software for the first time, it is recommended that you download the complete ibAcus 3.5.0 installation, along with the documentation.  Alternatively, you can install the components individually by simply selecting the appropriate one(s) from the links below.  This method can be useful for upgrading to a newer version of a specific component.


IbAcus  3.5.0 consists of three separate applications: CServer, iCounter, and iReporter.  The iCounter component comes in two basic flavours: iCounterXP for PC computers running Windows XP or greater OS, and iCounterCE for WindowsCE hand held devices.  Both CServer and iReporter are freely licensed and distributable.  However, both iCounterXP and iCounterCE require valid licenses to operate.


The method of obtaining licenses will differ depending on which version of iCounter you will be using.  For iCounterXP (for WindowsXP or greater) simply fill out the request form by clicking on the link below and follow the simple instructions.  For iCounterCE (for a PocketPC handheld device) please follow the instructions found in the Installation section of the ibAcus Administrator's Guide.  The installation and licensing of the iCounterCE is more involved, so be sure to read the documentation carefully, and of course contact us  should you have any unanswered questions.


We built this software with your counting needs in mind.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We would appreciate your input should you have any suggestions or features you would like to see in our next release.  For technical inquiries of any kind, including specific feature requests, drop us an email at  We will do our best to respond to your questions within 24 hours.
We appreciate you trying our products.


Our packages contain a signature file which can be used to validate the packaged installation.  Our public key: iCountability PGP Public Key

Release Notes [08/08/2011]:

     ibAcus release note accumulative:  Download [3.5.0].

Complete Installation [last updated 08/08/2011] :

     ibAcus complete installation:  Download  [3.5.0].                 License request (required for trial version):  Request.

     Documentation downloads:  Admin Guide [3.5.0], Users Guide [3.5.0], iReporter Users Guide [3.5.0]

Test Data (Install ibAcus First):

     Count Resource (save to disk and import into CServer via "Resource View"):  Count Resource Data.

     iReport (Open with iReporter):  iReport.

Component Installations:

    CServer component installation:  Download [3.5.0]. 

    iCounterXP component installation:  Download  [3.5.0].

    iCounterCE component installation:  Download  [3.5.0].

    iReporter component installation:  Download  [3.5.0].

    Report Templates (save to disk and import into CServer via "Resource View"):  Download  [3.5.0].


Please feel free to check back frequently for further updates.


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