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Introducing ibAcus...

One of the most powerful and easy-to-use systems available for counting inventory.  It can be used for all types of counting, from the simplest and smallest store to the most complicated, multi-site warehouse, and is designed for both self-counting business owners and  full service inventory service providers.   ibAcus is simple to install, easy to manage, and reliable.

 A Few Features...
  • Financial, Barcode, and Combination Counting
  • Historical Count Storage
  • Single and Multi-site
  • One Button Predictive Scanning
  • Wireless or Batch Data Transfer
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Generate Reports directly to FTP
  • Report generation to HTML, PDF and Excel file formats
  • Custom flags on collected items
  • Powerful Import Scripting
  • Multiple Count Modes
  • Easy Cycle Counting
  • Aggregate Cost Reporting
  • Automatic Margin Calculation
  • Multi-user Based Counting
  • Active Count Tracking
  • Transaction Logging
  • Easy Count Correction
  • Auditing Ability
  • Barcode Printing
  • Scanable Section and Location Markers
  • Hardware Independence
  • Report invalid codes at time of scan
  • Report misplaced stock at time of scan
  • Flexible Licensing Model

Software for Inventory Companies

Inventory Counting How it Works

       Release Update

We are pleased to announce the release of ibAcus 3.5.0. ibAcus v. 3.5.0 smoothes the way for count firms to better cope with the difficult task of managing large numbers of counts, sites, and staff. Not only is this release well-stocked with capabilities professionals expect, it continues to be a sensible choice for small businesses preferring to perform their own stock counts.

The available licensing models enable firms to grow on a budget, and all companies will benefit from the ease of use, data management capability, portability and scalability of this premium software. New features in this release include support for user statistics, client registration status, interface changes to augment visual reporting, and native support for the NDC. A new development tool gives staff at iCountability an efficient way to provide customers with export adapters for codesets and masterfiles. Users can now easily export count results to their customer's systems, complete with custom flags, and can offer customers a data collection solution to both initialize and update POS data. Coupled with an improved process for count to codeset conversion, count administrators will enjoy an enhanced level of efficiency.

Where devices are concerned, changes to iCounter CE include support for automatic SD/CF card detection and storage of live count data to card (a potential life-saver). Users can also display a short list of codes on the device when working in scenarios where multiple codes per location are permitted.


For some quick information, download our brochureBrochure.pdf.

Custom applications

Consider contacting us with your custom data collection projects.  Our software is highly optimized for industrial applications requiring a high degree of accountability.  We provide software solutions in data collection for a broad spectrum of businesses from inventory services companies to the aerospace industry.


Thank You

For a brief introduction on how our software works, look here:  How it works

For downloads of manuals and software trials, look here:  Guides and downloads

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